Steve Bessant

Steve Bessant is a Lifestyle Coach/ Nutritionist/ Co-Founder of The Coconut Collaborative & Boostball

Steve is a leading expert in neuromuscular therapy and nutritionist with a high profile clientele. With 20 years of experience in the health, exercise and nutrition industry he runs a busy clinic in Essex treating clients with muscular skeletal issues through body work and soft tissue treatment including neuromuscular and cranial sacral therapy, and visceral manipulation.

Understanding the body and the effects of nutrition on physical and emotional wellbeing led me to pioneer the use of coconut milk in ice-cream and thus created dairy free food brand Bessant & Drury in 2011, which later rebranded to The Coconut Collaborative.

The Coconut Collaborative is now a leading food brand in the UK, stocked in all major supermarkets and with a range of products from ice-cream, to yoghurts and deserts. The product also retails in more than eight countries worldwide. 

In 2016 he co-developed and launched a second food brand, BoostBall – a protein snack made with just seven natural ingredients – stocked in independent retailers and on all Virgin Atlantic flights.


Steve is a guest panelist at the INNER FIRE Social in London, 18th May. Registration is now open!
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Posted on: 26/04/2018