11 April 2019, Tabernacle Theatre, London


Enjoy Uplifting Atmosphere, Get Entertained and Learn to Manifest Things You Desire in Life




ICONIQUE Performance presents:


INNER FIRE SHOW – I am, I can, I will!


One of a kind empowering concert

Merging live musical entertainment with well-being focused education


In Partnership with Sound Connections




Performing artists entertain, motivational speakers encourage, successful people inspire…

We give it all to you live under one roof, on one evening, in one event.

INNER FIRE – where uplifting music and inspiration, talent, passion and wisdom go hand in hand.

On the 11th of April 2019 you will be entertained with empowering vibes of music, words and dance, brought together in one spectacular show.

One stage
Two guest speakers
Four music acts
Spoken word artist
A blend of motivational songs, original music of young artists who are finding their way out of the challenging life circumstances.

Uplifting messages from inspiring speakers who truly walk their talk.

Guest speakers will share proven to work insights on how to manifest things you desire in life.


Join us in the wonderful setting of Tabernacle Theatre in Notting Hill, to experience a magical night of uplifting performance and learn how you can go through life manifesting your desires.

By buying tickets you:

  • Help children and youth in London to have access to making music despite their challenging circumstances ( challenging circumstances include but are not limited to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN/D); Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET); refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; homelessness; Looked After Children; youth justice and working in detention settings; mental health, and other health-related settings (such as hospitals); Pupil Referral Units; socio-economic deprivation.)
  • Join us in raising awareness of the unfolding way of being, in truth with the self and in unity with others
  • Make a difference to all performers

A number of exciting and talented performers will entertain you with their original blend of songs, interspersed with empowering words and messages, delivered by inspiring guest speakers. You will discover how to utilise the powers that you already have within you to achieve your ambitions, goals and desires, to feel happy, fulfilled and live a successful life, regardless any difficult circumstances you may be in. You will also feel empowered and your mood will be lifted high up, thanks to enjoyment created by the musical and visual performance.



18:30 Door Open

Come earlier if you feel like having a relaxed start to the evening. You can stop by for a glass of wine or a bite in the Theatre restaurant, say hello to other guests and enjoy the uplifting atmosphere building up.

19:00 INNER FIRE Show Part I

Sit comfortably in the main theatre and let us entertain you with the explosion of musical performance, play of lights, sounds and words. Take a moment to connect with your inner fire and discover how to manifest in life your dreams, desires, health and success. Let the empowering musical compositions grab your heart and listen to inspiring stories of our guest speakers, proving that we really create in life exactly what we want.

20:00 Refreshments Break

It’s your time to stretch legs, have a drink and catch a breath before INNER FIRE journey continuous.

20:20 INNER FIRE Show Part II

Get ready for the second part of the inner journey of “I am , I can, I will”. By now your fire within is already burning bright. Let it be, connect to be even more entertained and empowered. It’s your time to shine and the best is yet to come!

21:30 Thank You Reception

Join us in the restaurant area to meet performers, speakers, event’s partners and the production team. Talk to us about the show, about you, about life. Connect, smile, take photos, have great conversations and some laugh. We want to meet you in person and give you a thank you gift before you leave.

Posted on: 08/01/2019