Performers and Speakers October 2016



Luce by Di

Her teachings are “moving, challenging but ultimately rewarding, and out of it comes a new confidence and realisation of what you can achieve in life by just accepting and focusing on your true self.” Ian Tucker, author of “My Simple Path”

Blending her talks with music, Lucinda is invited all over the world, to perform at gatherings of world leaders, at  peace conferences and  gatherings in numerous spiritual centers. As seen at The Albert Hall,  Wembley Stadium, London,  The Washington Press Office, The Pyramids in Mexico, the Agape spiritual centre in  LA. She has sung and spoken in prisons, hospitals, monasteries, schools and hospices.


William Bloom2Dr William Bloom – Pioneer in Mind-Body Wellbeing, Meditation Teacher, British author and educator, and founder/director of the Spiritual Companions Trust an educational charity that takes a holistic and person-centered approach to spirituality and wellness.William’s original career was as a novelist and publisher. He had eight books published, with two bestsellers ’The Endorphin Effect’ and ‘Psychic Protection’.

He was a senior commissioning editor at Macmillans by the time he was 25. He also co-founded Advise, the first 24-hour immigrant advisory service in London and was involved in the publication of International Times.






A soulful voice, mixing pop, soul and reggae. Together with his seven piece band Otty delivers a spectacular and fun performers. His single “Words” was nominated for the UK Best Unsigned Song. Otty is known also for his appearance in The Voice UK.

“[He’s] a Hottie! You have a creamy and buttery voice [with] extreme sex appeal.” Rita Ora




Luce by Di

Internationally renowned singer, songwriter. “Her lyrics are as inspiring as the music and her songs contribute to a vision of life that we all want to live.” Lynne Franks

Lucinda wrote her first song aged six and has been writing ever since.

Previously signed to EMI  publishing  and EDEL records, she has sung in The Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium, London,  The Washington Press Office, The Pyramids in Mexico, the Agape spiritual centre in  LA and venues across Australia, India and  Europe.




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Singer, songwriter, producer and pianist.


Paula is an inspiring artist, writing music which represents the inner self-reflective conversations. Her songs are emotional snapshots of life experiences. They are like light in the darkness.




Posted on: 27/08/2016