James Dunne

James Dunne is a Co-Founder of Mind & Body Detox, Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and Author of  Amazon best seller ”Mind Body Miracle” book.

After a successful 14 year corporate career as a company director, James took the decision to leave behind the long and stressful days to pursue a career in fitness which has always been his favourite past time and first love.

James is a health and fitness coach who specialises in fat loss and body composition who radically transforms his clients bodies. He is also the co-founder of Mind and Body Detox and his mission is to empower his clients with the knowledge and passion to make positive lifestyle changes in diet, fitness, mindset, health and habits.

He believes that transformation begins in the mind and as part of his organisation they have coaches who support clients to understand you are what you eat, you are what think and you are how you train.

James has always been a sports fanatic, representing various clubs and counties in athletics and playing football to a professional level. Now as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach he combines his passion and skills to design sessions to fast track client results. Using Bodyweight, HIIT, Strength, Resistance and Functional Training, no two sessions are ever the same.

2018 will see James continuing to work with many national and international clients on his most successful online project, Mind Body Miracle Wellbeing Programme – healthy habits and daily disciplines to transform the mind and body.


Posted on: 18/01/2018