Get Empowered And Learn To Manifest What You Desire 


ICONIQUE Performance presents:

Musical Performance/ Guest Speakers/ Uplifting Atmosphere/Socializing/Entertainment/ Education

INNER FIRE April 2017

Tabernacle Theatre, 35 Powis Square, London W11 2AY


New Date To Be Announced Soon


Raising money to save lives of refugees and help women get their families out of poverty

In partnership with:

 Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC039042)

Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC039042)



This is one of a kind empowering event, merging live musical entertainment with well-being focused education

In Partnership with Oxfam charity and Success Express Music

Performing artists entertain, motivational speakers teach, successful people inspire…

We give it all to you live under one roof, on one evening, in one event.

INNER FIRE – where uplifting music and inspiration, talent, passion and education go hand in hand.

Produced by ICONIQUE Performance

On the 11th of October 2016, you will be entertained with empowering vibes of music and dance, accompaniment with talks teaching how to manifest what you want.

Brought together in one spectacular show.

One stage
Two guest speakers
Four music acts
Visual arts
A blend of uplifting songs with life enhancing messages from living examples of success and inspiration.

Guest speakers will share proven to work insights on how to manifest things you desire in life.

Join us in the wonderful setting of Tabernacle Theatre in Notting Hill, to experience a magical night of empowering performance and learn how you can go through life manifesting all that you want.

When buying tickets you:

Help women and their families to get out of poverty

Give life-saving support to refugees

 You will discover how you to utilise the powers that you already have within you to achieve your ambitions, goals and desires, to feel happy, fulfilled and live a successful life.

Date To Be Announced Soon!



Posted on: September 2, 2016