Give us one day with your employees and they will be transformed into relaxed, energized, empowered, happy and focused individuals.

Groups retreat day of pampering, relaxation, integration and empowerment, for healthy mind and peak performance.

It is a holiday rest in a day!

What is INNER FIRE Escape


Mind Wellness solution for companies and their employees

A series of mind wellness treatments for improved mind relaxation, short/long term memory, self-control

Designed sequence of retreat and education sessions

Using the innovative light and sound technology

Presenting teachings from top quality speakers – health and wellness practitioners

Delivered to your office or in the mind spa in London

Designed for entire teams or for small groups

Fit for your specific requirements

Corresponding with your employees needs and business objectives

Designed by ICONIQUE Performance

In partnership with PandoraStar Spa


Variety of Days to Choose From 


Team Wellbeing Time

Wellbeing day for your team of 35 employees, in the comfort of your office building

Mind Wellness Hour

One hour session for your team in the office building, multiple groups for total of 300 employees

Mind Spa Retreat

One day retreat at PandoraStar spa, for a group of 8 employees

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