Geoffrey Godfrey 

Geoffrey Godfrey is a Director of well known SAHAJA Yoga Meditation UK. He has practiced Sahaja Yoga Meditation for over 25 years, and travelled and toured across America, Canada, Russia, Europe & India delivering talks and participating in workshops and ‘Self Realisation’ events on how to achieve Yoga and gain ‘Self Knowledge’. Here in the UK he arranges Special One Day Retreats where participants immerse themselves in workshops throughout the day to intensify and deepen the experience of Yoga. He has written several books focused upon the experience and historical roots of Yoga. Online he runs several websites, meet-up and social media pages, whilst managing a $480,000 annual Google Grant for a charity. In his spare time he runs a charity bookshop focusing on Spiritual topics shipping titles in, often from India. In his professional life he has lived in America working with the Dale Carnegie organisation in New York, currently he runs his own business here in the UK.
Sahaja Yoga is the natural and easy way to meditate. With the awakening of an amazing, living energy within, even here, in the midst of the busy city, it is possible to experience states of profound peace that solitary yogis in the heights of the Himalayas aspire to. 

The charity offers free bespoke classes that are designed to help those attending get into a genuine meditative state, which can be felt tangibly. It is quite effortless and spontaneous. The free classes feature introductory talks, videos, practical workshops and general question and answer sessions, making them perfect for seekers trying to establish a state of yoga, and they are available across London most evenings and throughout the UK.
Posted on: 15/03/2018