Featured Speakers

INNER FIRE Social April 2018

Julia Keller – Transformational Love Coach/ Holistic Therapist/ Motivational Speaker/ Blogger and Author of  No1 Bestseller ”Attract Authentic Love”

Julia helps women and men to look and feel better, from the inside out. Using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Wellness Coaching, Julia helps you to reach your confidence goals, to feel better about yourself, to handle life’s many stresses more easily, so that you could then bring your best self forward when connecting with others. Julia  works internationally with clients coming from many different and varied backgrounds and from all over the world, with workshops given both online and in many bigger cities worldwide, including London and New York.


Geoffrey Godfrey – Director of Well Known SAHAJA Yoga Meditation UK

Geoffrey has practiced Sahaja Yoga Meditation for over 25 years, and travelled and toured across America, Canada, Russia, Europe & India delivering talks and participating in workshops and ‘Self Realisation’ events on how to achieve Yoga and gain ‘Self Knowledge’.

Here in the UK he arranges Special One Day Retreats where participants immerse themselves in workshops throughout the day to intensify and deepen the experience of Yoga. He has written several books focused upon the experience and historical roots of Yoga. In his spare time he runs a charity bookshop focusing on Spiritual topics shipping titles in, often from India.


INNER FIRE Social February 2018


Jayne Nisbet – Commonwealth High Jump Finalist/ Winner of Personal Battle With Eating Disorder/ Author of “Free-ed: Stop Self Sabotage and Start Living” Book

Jayne’s been a passionate advocate for mind and body health through her struggles as an athlete which she overcame to live and breathe her life long dream of competing at the Commonwealth Games. She now pursues her journey of trying to help change the worlds perception on achieving whatever you put your mind too.




Rick Hay – Nutritional Physiologist/ Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist/ Author of “Your Essential Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan’’

Currently the resident Health and Fitness Expert for Ideal World TV, Nick has many years clinical experience in Nutrition, Naturopathy, Botanical Medicine and Iridology. A seen on Sky News, Rick specialises in obesity treatment, weight management, anti ageing food and fitness, beauty from within and natural sports medicine.



James Dune – Co-Founder of Mind & Body Detox/ Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist/ Hypnotherapist/ Holistic Lifestyle Coach/ Author of  best seller ”Mind Body Miracle”

After a successful 14 year corporate career as a company director, James took the decision to leave behind the stressful days to pursue a career in fitness, which has always been his first love. James has always been a sports fanatic, representing various clubs and counties in athletics and playing football to a professional level. Now as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach he combines his passion and skills to design sessions to fast track client results. Using Bodyweight, HIIT, Strength, Resistance and Functional Training, no two sessions are ever the same.