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INNER FIRE Social November 2017


Gosia Gorna is the best seller authors and a creator of a powerful method which turns fears into brilliance and into the biggest successes, the focus of her book’ The Expansion Game.

She has helped thousands of people achieve profound transformation in their lives, find their calling and express their brilliance. Her program Intuitive Success shows how the power of the heart, intuition and skillful handling of our fear can help us all achieve greater success and make a bigger difference in the world.





Joanne  Lee Philpot is a yoga practitioner and the author of “Dreaming of a Divine Life” with 17 years of yoga and spiritual practices, eternal truths and secrets to life that teach her audience how to develop happiness and compassion.

Joanne gives advice on yogic diet, lifestyle and teaches about learning to love yourself, manifesting your goals, creating change and unity in the world. More about Joanne…


Todd Acamesis is a conscious researcher and Co-founder of the ‘PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine’ Project. Todd has been exploring consciousness through expanded states of awareness for more than two decades. His ‘PandoraStar Deep Trance Light Machine’ is a powerful flickering light device that entrains the brain to specific brainwave frequencies for the purpose of inducing altered and expanded states of awareness, such as lucid dream states.  Todd also regularly leads Synchronicity Walks throughout the UK to guide people in experiencing the raw nature of synchronicity. He has developed a special card deck for people to experience synchronicity in their everyday lives. https://pandoraspa.com/


INNER FIRE Social September 2017

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Naomi Davidson is a Counsellor, Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Advisor and Wellbeing Consultant who focuses on raising the self-confidence, fitness and wellbeing of mothers, women and teenagers through her Mind Warrior Training.

With a background in Psychology and Social Research and over 15 years’ experience in data analysis, she is also an researcher, author, blogger of FortyandFitabulous.com and founder of Orange Moon Health Solutions, a Wellbeing Consultancy, Network & Wellness Concierge.




Alessandra Bell textAlessandra Belle is the Founder and Creative Director of COCONAUTICAL, a sow-commerce platform that bridges the world of fashion wholesale and retail sales for international brands. 

Raised in Kingston Jamaica, Belle left the island for London at age 17. After residing in London for eight years, she moved to the Middle East, where she worked in renewable energy in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, before returning to the UK. After researching what her ideal company would look like, Belle founded COCONAUTICAL. Built on a firm Christian foundation, the digital platform is used to empower women around the world to work from home and achieve financial and geographical freedom. https://coconautical.com/


INNER FIRE Lifestyle Evening April 2017 

Anne Hellgren


Anne Hellgren is a Life Coach,  NLP Coach and Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Having spent over 12 years in various international business development, consultancy, account management and training roles, Anne decided to focus on what she was truly passionate about, self-development and growth.

Working with her clients, she helps them overcome a variety of problems, as well as help them become a better version of themselves through self-improvement and development coaching.




Jake Smolarek title

Jake Smolarek is a Speaker, Miracle Worker, Survivor of Terminal Disease, Entrepreneur and Mental Trainer of Polish National Kitesurfing Team

“The days that break you are the days that make you!” – Jake

For 13 long years Jake was fighting with this horrible and scary thing – bulimia! He was already dealing with a lot of fears and stress when he arrived to UK in 2004 with only £115 in his pocket. The rock bottom time came when his business failed. In a blink of an eye he was left alone, with not money, no friends, homeless, no one to talk to and with doctors saying he will die in a few months.  He was scared, death was just around the corner. He had two choices, to give up or to get up and be strong! He went for the second option.

Now Jake encourages people to never give up. As he says, “You always have options and different choices. You never know who you may inspire or motivate on the way!” http://jakesmolarek.com/


INNER FIRE Lifestyle Evening February 2017 

OlgaFrankow pic1


Olga Frankow is a relationship expert, qualified with Academy of Relationship Coaching, and a certified coach, with diploma in Transformational coaching.

She runs her coaching practice in London, working with clients from the UK and Europe. Her mission is to reinforce the power of loving connection in the modern society.

Olga works with couples and singles, mainly busy professionals, helping them uncover what’s best in them and re-define life on their terms, as the result they improve their romantic relationship and create a balanced lifestyle. She believes, no matter the past, everyone deserves a happy tomorrow filled with love and passion.



CK Goldiing

CK Goldiing is a uniquely positioned Presenter/Photographer – rooting all his interactive projects in human relationships, described as “incredible” by Red Bull and “Innovative” by Time Out’s Ray Jones.

In 2016, CK attracted national press coverage during his pioneering adventure ‘100 Musicians’. Originally from Sheffield, for six months, CK survived in London on just £100 and the contributions of emerging musicians – all of whom paid him whatever they wanted for a photoshoot. Along the way, CK’s sense of adventure captured the hearts and minds of kind-spirited strangers who followed his adventure online – reaching-out to him and lending support in the form of food, shelter and friendship.




Elsa Pastelle signed

Elsa Pastelle is a Life Coach, a Dating Coach, the CEO and founder of The Pastelle Consultancy “TPC”.

She is helping singles to master the secrets of dating, confidence, flirting, body language and attraction. She works on any dating and relationship related issues, from how to build your  confidence  and find “the One ” to how to communicate better with your partner.

Her team includes a nutritionist, Stylist and a personal trainer, as she  believes that no one can make you happy unless you are happy with yourself. 

Elsa’s philosophy is Very simple , we all deserve  to be loved  and  she is a strong  believer  that  there  is someone out there for  Everyone.



INNER FIRE Lifestyle Evening January 2017 

Ru Wikmann


Ru Wikmann is a personal trainer, athlete and body sculptor. Having a pro status with the WBFF, he is highly sought-after in the fitness industry.

Ru proved that physical limitations, such as his developed bone condition early in childhood can be overcme with the right fitness and weight training. His dedication to fitness allowed him to heal and become an athlete.

Nicknamed “The Sculptor” in his work as a body transformation coach, through his own High Flyer Fitness methodology Ru connects the dots between training, nutrition, functional movement and a winning mindset.



Matthew Ryan-Gill


Matthew Ryan-Gill is Arbonne Distric Director, a successful Personal Trainer with passion for health and well-being for as long as he can remember.

Matt teaches people how to reduce their toxic load, enhance their skin and cell health and supplement safely with high grade vegan approved, gluten free nutrition. 





Carina Birrell name

Carina Birrell is a Director of Chocarina Bispoke Raw Chocolate brand,  Yoga Teacher, Actress, Producer and BAFTA Newcomer.

Through her work, Carina shows how to marry healthy living with decadence. She is a dedicated advocate that living healthily is not a case of abstinence but instead it is about giving your mind, body and soul the very best nourishment available, eating wholesomely, moving your body everyday and developing a loving and respectful relationship with taking care of yourself.