Dr Sheri Jacobson

Dr Sheri Jacobson is a Founder & CEO of Harley Therapy, London’s largest and most successful chain of private psychotherapy therapy clinics. 

Having decades of experience practicing as a psychotherapist, Sheri is passionate about de-stigmatising counselling and making mental health a positive mainstream topic. Her blog provides ad-free self-help information to over a million readers each year.
She is a sought after speaker on wellbeing and psychotherapy and spends much of her time delivering talks to forward-looking companies (ITV, Diesel, British Fashion Council to name a few) and appears regularly on TV, radio and in the press including The Times, FT, BBC & Bloomberg TV).
Sheri’s latest project – HarleyTherapy.com makes therapy affordable and accessible to anyone in the UK with its simple booking system. Now anyone can start therapy with a qualified, vetted, counsellor from anywhere in the world. With the best therapists in the field working under it’s banner, since 2006 they have conducted over 250,000 therapy sessions, helping clients to reach fulfilment in work, life and love. 
Sheri is a guest panelist at the INNER FIRE Social in London, 18th May. Registration is now open!
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Posted on: 23/04/2018