Gosia Gorna

Gosia GornaGosia Gorna is an award winning transformational life coach, international speaker and a bestselling author of ”The Expansion Game” a powerful method to transform your fear into briliance. Creator of a powerful method which turns the biggest fears into the biggest successes.

She has helped thousands of people achieve profound transformation in their lives, find their calling and express their brilliance. Her program Intuitive Success shows how the power of the heart, intuition and skillful handling of our fear can help us all achieve greater success and make a bigger difference in the world.

From her more than 20 years of coaching experience, working with thousands of people across the world, she has developed a unique and powerful method for releasing fear, which is the focus of her book’ The Expansion Game.


Noele Hammett

noelkkDuring 2017 Noele Hammett will be celebrating her 25th year in the beauty industry. During that time she has established herself as an industry leader and an award winning skincare expert.
Noele has worked passionately throughout her career and built her eponymous, multi award-winning spa before selling the business to spend precious time becoming a mother. However, in addition to enjoying her family life Noele focussed on her next beauty venture; researching, and developing and her own range of skincare products, One Skin. Noele works professionally with One Skin in her Skin clinic, proudly recommending them and seeing fantastic results for her clients. This Winter 2017 One Skin will launch it’s new website offering worldwide distribution.
Noele has proudly worked with many leading global beauty companies, Dermalogica, eSpa, Aromatherapy Associates, Omorovicza, to name a few and has insider knowledge from some of the finest retail establishments in the world from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Selfridges.
Follow Noele’s journey over the next few weeks while she prepares for the Official launch of One Skin.
Take a Sneak Peak at what is in store at;

Naomi Davidson

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Naomi Davidson is a Counsellor, Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Advisor and Wellbeing Consultant who focuses on raising the self-confidence, fitness and wellbeing of mothers, women and teenagers through her Mind Warrior Training.

With a background in Psychology and Social Research and over 15 years’ experience in data analysis, she is also an researcher, author, blogger of FortyandFitabulous.com and founder of Orange Moon Health Solutions, a Wellbeing Consultancy, Network & Wellness Concierge.

The Show

“You Can Make This World a Better Place, When You Stay True To YourSelf”

INNER FIRE – Get Empowered And Manifest What You Desire 


Uplifting Show Merging Musical Performance With Inspirational Speakers



INNER FIRE is a unique show, blending uplifting musical performance with education. Music performers, dancers, bands, singers, poets, inspirational speakers and role models, all come together to empower anyone and everyone. United on one night, under one roof and on one stage, they energize with enlightening and positive messages, delivered in the form of uplifting songs, empowering visual art and inspirational talks.


The INNER FIRE show has been designed not only to create a unique piece of live entertainment. It has a purpose, which is to open up our minds to the positive, empowering and loving way of being. INNER FIRE helps us remember that life is not all bad, and that we are not born to stay responsive but to create life circumstances that can and will help us to manifest the kind of life we desire. This show is here to make you feel good about yourself, to remember you are great beyond measures, to see others as your own extension, to feel happy and share this happiness together as one.


Good mental and physical health, long living, happy relationships, self-acceptance, love, money, fun, success….dreams. Everything we want in life is possible to have. The only thing that is stopping us is our own thinking. Each one of us is a creator of ones own reality, ones life, consciously or subconsciously.

Throughout the show, our guest speakers share their teachings, insights and life experiences to help you learn the way to create what you want to appear and stay in your life. The topics cover manifesting in all well-being areas, so you can constantly improve quality of your life.


INNER FIRE is all about discovery. Every year new, talented and upcoming musicians, singers and dancers are sourced and selected to be showcased during the show. Our audience deserves to be entertained. Together with our guest star singers, INNER FIRE delivers no less but a new wave of mesmerizing  spectacle, awakening beautiful emotions.


The idea of INNER FIRE was born one Christmas morning, when the show’s director and producer Aleksandra Cichuta was thinking about the best way to combine her passion for helping people to unleash their happiness, with her passion for music entertainment. The show was born.

INNER FIRE is designed and directed by Aleksandra Cichuta and produced by ICONIQUE Performance. It supports well-being, new upcoming performers and the idea of all people coming together as one.


London – Spring 2018 (details tbc.)

Los Angeles – Autumn 2018 (details tbc.)