Aleksandra Cichuta

InnerFireLifestylevaudeville-1031531Aleksandra Cichuta is an inspiring woman of many talents. She helps people manifest their goals ever since she became a Life Coach in 2009.

From helping people enhance their career and personal goals, in 2011 Aleksandra moved into coaching and managing music artists. This led her to starting ICONIQUE Performance and eventually to designing, organizing and managing live events, from music gigs and fashion shows, to conference and innovative show INNER FIRE.

In 2013 Aleksandra has founded the INNER FIRE brand, a new and innovative series of lifestyle events, merging music with education and businesses, celebrating the value of balanced mind and body well-being. The purpose of INNER FIRE is to unite talented people and together create quality experience, offering education, entertainment, enlightenment, opportunities and solutions which help people live quality life.

It all started from an idea which came over one Christmas day to Aleksandra, when she was thinking how to combine her two passions, musical entertainment and life coaching. It had to be something to help people connect in the desire to reach for life fulfilled. It had to something promoting talents deserving to be recognized and it also had to be something to make a difference by helping everyone connected. The INNER FIRE was born.

The INNER FIRE is here to stay and become globally recognized platform shifting consciousness about what it means to live long, healthy, happy, joyful and successful.

In 2017 Aleksandra re-opened her coaching practice. Applying all her practice and experiences she now offers Mind Wellbeing Coaching, providing virtual sessions to private clients from around the world.


Posted on: 28/01/2017