“You Can Make This World a Better Place, When You Stay True To YourSelf” Aleksandra Cichuta 


INNER FIRE Show 2019!

“I am, I can, I will”

11 April, Tabernacle Theatre, Notting Hill, London


Well-being Focused Concert

Showing How to Connect With Your Inner Fire

Merging Uplifting Performance With Inspirational Speakers

Empowering and Innovative

Blending entertainment with Education

For Enthusiasts of Healthy Mind & Self-Fulfilled Living 

Embracing The Best in You




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INNER FIRE was born out of Aleksandra Cichuta’s desire to create a piece of a live musical entertainment which has also an educational value, showing the audience and all being part of the show how to connect and use the inner power we all have in order to create the changes we want to see in the world. How to do it together and with a light heart, while helping everyone to see the best in themselves.

  • To raise awareness of the link between inner self and mind wellbeing
  • To offer an opportunity for young people to express themselves through their talent and their creativity
  • To bring communities together
  • To light up the strength within
  • To turn everyone’s attention to the qualities of every human
  • To inspire a positive, carrying and loving attitude
  • To unite, with the best in you and with those around you



INNER FIRE Show London 2019 showcases music of local young artists and brings inspiring messages, unlocking people’s unity and strength within; supporting mind well-being of young people who are facing difficult backgrounds and mental health challenges.

Designed by ICONIQUE Performance and produced in a partnership with Sound Connections Charity, INNER FIRE Show is an empowering concert blended with inspiring talks, raising awareness of young people’s ways to overcome mental well-being challenges; embracing the power of inner self and blending entertainment with education.

Music performers, dancers, bands, singers, poets, inspirational speakers and role models, all come together to empower everyone watching. United on one night, under one roof and on one stage, they energise with enlightening and positive educational messages, delivered in the form of uplifting music, empowering visual art and inspirational talks.

This two hours stage show presents people whose life stories prove hat when you turn to your own inner fire for strength, you can overcome the mental struggles, physical limitations, lack of supporting resources or otherwise challenging circumstances.

The show includes singing, dance, spoken word performance, mixed with empowering talks from guest speakers. Music/songs performed are originals written and prepared by the local young artists who are supported by Sound Connections and INNER FIRE.

Year 2019 brings the INNER FIRE Show to London, to focus our attention on strengthening young people’s mind well-being. The show showcases local young talents and aims to engage local communities, to bring people together in the willingness to become the change we want to see in our social circles, starting with a good mental health and appreciation of a young talent.



The INNER FIRE has a purpose, which is to open up peoples’ minds to the positive, empowering, loving way of being. INNER FIRE helps us all remember that life is not all bad, and that we are not born to stay responsive but to create life circumstances. This show is here to make you feel good about yourself, to remember you are great beyond measures, to feel happy and share this happiness with others.


Good mental and physical health, long living, happy relationships, self-acceptance, love, money, fun, success….dreams. Everything we want in life is possible to have. The only thing that is stopping us is our own thinking. Each one of us is a creator of ones own reality, ones life, consciously or subconsciously.

INNER FIRE’s guest speakers share their teachings, insights and life experiences to help you learn the way to create what you want to appear and stay in your life. The topics cover manifesting desired outcomes in all well-being areas, so you can constantly improve quality of your life.


INNER FIRE is all about discovery. New, innovative brands, products, services, people behind them, talented and upcoming musicians, singers and dancers are sourced and selected to be showcased during the events and share their life changing empowering stories on TV. Our audience deserves to be entertained!


The idea of INNER FIRE was born on one December afternoon, when its founder and producer Aleksandra Cichuta was thinking about the best way to combine her passion for helping people to unleash their happiness, with her passion for music entertainment. The INNER FIRE show was born. 

INNER FIRE is designed and directed by Aleksandra Cichuta and produced by ICONIQUE Performance, in partnership with Sound Connections Charity.